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May 11, 2020 UPDATE: CSCMP has made the difficult decision to cancel the Future Leaders Program for EDGE 2020.  Students already in discussions with Roundtables will be able to participate in EDGE 2020, and they will be invited to be part of the Future Leaders Program in 2021, even if they have graduated, as long as they are active CSCMP members. Contact Rocio Cadena at if you have questions.

For over 25 years, the Future Leaders Program (FLP) has been a highlight of CSCMP EDGE. Each year, CSCMP invites 60-70 undergraduate and graduate students in supply chain management disciplines to attend the conference to gain real-world experience in the field and provide behind the scenes support to our staff of 27 and 3,000 attendees. 

The Future Leaders are required to spend 50% of their time fulfilling their duties while the other 50% they can attend sessions of their choice, network with attendees and experience EDGE as a registered attendee. This is a valuable opportunity for participants as they connect with peers from around the globe and gain education from seasoned professionals. 

Historically, the FLP has been deeply connected with CSCMP’s Roundtables as they leverage their partnerships with local universities and schools to identify potential Future Leaders. CSCMP Roundtables not only help to manage the involvement of the Future Leaders for EDGE onsite logistics, they also deploy their own Future Leaders sponsorship program/contest to determine the best student candidates to participate in the program. 

Establishing a strong relationship with our Future Leaders from the beginning of their careers is especially important for CSCMP as we help foster their growth with supply chain management and logistics.

Program Benefits 

Future Leaders are sponsored by the submitting Roundtable. The RT is responsible for paying their student’s membership, travel and stipend. CSCMP covers the cost of EDGE registration, hotel accommodations, meals and uniform polo shirts.  

Future Leaders are granted full exposure to attend EDGE-related events outside of their required work hours. These opportunities exist for the Future Leaders:

Pre-Conference Workshop: On Saturday, Future Leaders participate in a workshop where they learn from the Young Professionals Committee about best networking practices, how to engage with recruiters and how to maximize their EDGE experience. 

Future Leaders Career Fair: CSCMP hosts a career fair to connect students with employers who are recruiting potential employees. Future Leaders are encouraged to attend and interview with top companies such as Amazon, JDA Software and SEKO Logistics. 

Networking Opportunities: Future Leaders have access to the 3,000 attendees from all industries, backgrounds, companies and career levels. Future Leaders can connect with budding and seasoned professionals to start fostering fruitful professional relationships.

Conference Logistics Experience: CSCMP HQ is comprised of 27 staff members and the Future Leaders are an integral component in helping us host a successful conference for 3,000 attendees. Future Leaders get an insider look and experience firsthand the logistical aspect of a large-scale conference. As an extension of the CSCMP staff, Future Leaders help execute and problem-solve delivering 100+ educational sessions. 

Future Leaders Reception: This reception is meant to bring young professionals and student attendees together for networking and fun. Attendees have the chance to meet and mingle with CSCMP’s Board of Directors in a casual setting. 

Program Roles and Descriptions

CSCMP Headquarters (HQ)

CSCMP is responsible for the overall program, working closely with the Chair and Vice Chair(s) to execute the FLP in the most efficient and effective manner. CSCMP sponsors Future Leaders’ EDGE registration, hotel accommodations, meals and uniform polo shirts. CSCMP should facilitate the processes associated with the program and provide as much administrative support in all facets to the volunteer leadership team, the Roundtables and Future Leaders. 


The participating Roundtables provide the student with roundtrip travel to EDGE conference and a travel stipend; sponsor the student’s CSCMP membership if s/he is not an active member and appoint a FLP Liaison (typically the Education Chair) to manage the coordination of the FLP. This person will be the direct contact for CSCMP HQ. 
  • FLP Liaisons: Manage the Roundtable’s selection process/contest, ensuring that sponsored Future Leaders are current CSCMP student members and that they are pursuing a degree in Supply Chain / Logistics. Ensure the student(s) submit the Future Leaders application form and required materials by the deadline. 


The Chair collaborates with CSCMP HQ and Vice Chair(s) to manage the overall program. The Chair oversees that Future Leaders intake runs as smoothly as possible. Pre-conference, the Chair and Vice Chair work on creating the daily schedules for the Team Captains and Future Leaders to ensure all assigned onsite duties are carried out satisfactorily. The Chair serve a 2-year term.

Dave Maddox

Dave Maddox
President Atlanta Roundtable, CSCMP
Senior Vice President, Sales Supply Chain
nVision Global

Vice Chair(s) 

The Vice Chair(s) assists the Chair in all duties pertaining to the management and execution of the FLP, ranging from administrative functions to communications to logistics. The Vice Chair(s) helps the Chair oversee the Team Captains pre-conference (address student inquiries, etc.) and onsite. Vice Chair(s) serve a 2-year term.
Irfan Agha

Irfan Agha
Program Manager

Fred Koeck

Fred Koeck 
Sales Manager
Derby Supply Chain Solutions 

Team Captains

Team Captains lead teams of 6-10 Future Leaders onsite to aid attendees and CSCMP staff. Team Captains oversee that the Future Leaders complete their assigned duties ranging from “station based” activities” to “field-based” activities. The Team Captains serve a 2-year term.

Future Leaders 

Responsibilities include assembling registration bags, assisting conference registration, distributing handouts, and headcounts at the beginning of and towards the end of sessions, assisting with crowd traffic control and facility tours, and answering attendee questions. Each year there is a new class of Future Leaders. CSCMP encourages Future Leaders to apply for Team Captain positions.

Student Selection Process

  1. Roundtable FLP Liaison work with universities/colleges to identify top SCM students. Interested students formally apply to participate in the FLP by filling out the CSCMP-hosted online application.
  2. CSCMP sends the application and submitted materials to the pertinent Roundtable FLP Liaison to review and follow up directly with the student(s) about fulfilling any additional steps in their selection process. Roundtables have full freedom and flexibility to execute their contest / process however they best see fit i.e. essay, interview, etc.
  3. Roundtable FLP Liaison presents CSCMP with their Future Leaders selections. 
  4. CSCMP confirms final, approved student selections to FLP Liaison.


Application Criteria and Eligibility

  1. Active CSCMP student membership
  2. Must be 21 years of age by September 20, 2020. (No exceptions) 
  3. Full-time undergraduate or graduate student at a university/college with a major or concentration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. (No PhD students)
  4. Future Leaders are required to participate in the entirety of the program from September 18-23, 2020. No partial trips will be accepted. (Future Leaders are required to arrive in Orlando on Friday, September 18, 2020)


To formally apply for the FLP, each student will need to fill out the online application form, including the following:

2020 FLP Timeline

May 20, 2020 – Future Leaders applications due to CSCMP (No extensions)
September 18, 2020 – Future Leaders arrive in Orlando, Florida 
September 19, 2020 – Future Leaders onsite orientation + workshop 
September 23, 2020 – Future Leaders depart Orlando, Florida 

Why Participate in the FLP?


“Working closely with the Future Leaders Program has allowed me to truly see the talent that the University systems are producing globally. The Future Leaders are bright, inquisitive, think out of the box and bring new creative ways of working in the supply chain space.  The future workforce is in great need of these Future Leaders in order to replace those that are leaving and or retiring within Supply Chain.”

Dave Maddox
FLP Chair & President Atlanta Roundtable
Senior Vice President, Sales Supply Chain
nVision Global

Yung Oh

“I’ve been a Team Leader for the EDGE conference for two years. I enjoy spending time meeting and talking with the Future Leaders. As a Team Leader, it gives me a chance to give back to students who are about to start their careers. I like to share and pass on some of my life learning experiences as a 30-year old working professional.”

Yung Oh
FLP Team Leader





Join us for networking opportunities with professional contacts and advance your professional skills. .


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