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Listed below are the core education tracks for 2021. Please review their objectives and apply your session idea to one track on the submission page.  NOTE: You must be logged in to access the submission page. 

For your information, the volunteer Track Chair assigned to lead the track is also listed. Refer to the Process page for information on the role of Track Chair. 

2021 Core Education Tracks & Objectives

c-level discussions forum

Gain insight into the thoughts and concerns of senior executives who manage complex supply chains and their counterparts who lead logistics solutions companies. Presented by CSCMP's Corporate Members, plan to share ideas, ask questions, compare experiences, and learn from these panel and interactive discussion sessions. Contact Leah Benshoof lbenshoof@cscmp.org for more information.  

global supply chain
Alex Mostofian, Sr. Global Transportation and Logistics Manager, Quorvo, Inc.
Masao Nishi, Principal, M. Nishi Strategic Advisory

Today’s global markets are volatile and subject to rapid change. Explore the unique challenges and complexities associated with planning and executing a successful global supply chain in the face of these changes. We will address what companies have learned from facing common disruptions in the global supply chain, as well as discuss strategic, long-term supply chain issues that leading companies have identified as key to future success. 

integrated supply chain management and finance
Gina Anderson, VP, Solutions & Growth, GEODIS USA
Dana Regan, Sr. VP, Business Development, TranzAct

Today’s supply chain is long, complex and ultimately driven by the customer. To be successful, supply chain practitioners need to manage and measure every activity from procurement of raw materials to the point of consumption. The sophisticated supply chain represents not only a flow of materials and products, but a flow of financial information that connects all the major business functions. Learn how end-to-end visibility into these processes is key to transforming a supply chain into a true competitive advantage. 

Amy Proctor, Group Vice President of Logistics, Trinity Logistics
Jake Westfall, Vice President, CBRE
Today’s supply chain industry is evolving rapidly. The ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities and develop the next generation of leaders while navigating risks and challenges is paramount. Hear first-hand how senior leaders are leading their companies and teams through complex changes. Topics will be presented by industry leaders on changes affecting our industry such as supply chain creation, digitization and automation, sales and acquisitions, and system integration. 

nasstrac – for the transportation professional
Brent Hutto, Chief Relationship Officer, Internet Truckstop
Gail Rutkowski, Executive Director, NASSTRAC

Presented by NASSTRAC, this track is focused on the efficient and effective movement of goods in domestic and international markets and educating supply chain professionals on the impact transportation has on their supply chains. Primary focus is on the transportation professional regardless of their level of expertise.


order fulfillment and customer service
Eduardo Vargas, Regional Director, Morrison Express

Last-mile efficiencies are a team effort among wholesalers, retailers, parcel delivery companies and logistics service suppliers. Leading e-commerce players leverage the right combination of technology and customer service to accelerate fulfillment without dramatic cost increase, adding value to the supply chain last mile. Explore these successful, innovative and creative fulfillment strategies and their applications across the globe. 


risk management
Steve Geary, President, Supply Chain Visions

Today’s supply chains are complex.  Customers demand reduced lead times, increased agility, lower costs, with higher service levels.  And now covid-19 changes everything.   This track will explore risk mitigation, supply chain resilience, and strategic adaptability in an uncertain world.   


s&op, forecasting and inventory management
Hank Canitz, Vice President, Industry Solutions Nulogy

Seismic forces in consumer behavior, data availability, technology advancements, workforce demographics and global disruptions are shaking up the supply chain. Optimizing planning capabilities has a powerful impact on an organization’s ability to increase agility, speed up processes, satisfy customers and drive value. The sessions in this track will provide best practices and lessons learned from companies that have optimized their demand, inventory and sales & operations capabilities. 


supply chain planning & optimization
Charlie Marge, Sr. Business Consultant, QAD Dynasys

The ability to plan and optimize supply, manufacturing, and distribution decisions is key to the success of a supply chain in a world of constant change, whether in the short term as the latest information becomes available or looking ahead to the mid and long term. This track will feature companies that have realized benefits by putting in place solid planning processes supported by technology to optimize their supply chain decisions.


supply management and procurement
Al Belz, Director, Sourcing and Supply Chain, ITW
Toni Stark, Director, Distribution Operations, ITW

The supply management and procurement landscape is experiencing a transformation. This track will explore classic, emerging, enabling, and disruptive strategies that use technologies aiming to enhance and transform current and future supply chain operations. Supply management and procurement program results should be measurable and targeted to enhance shareholder value. 


talent management and development
Jill Banko, Supply Chain Strategist, Fifth Season
Chelsea Howard, Manager, Transportation Support, Celtic Transportation

A great plan is nothing without great people to execute it. But how to attract and keep an all-star team? Learn best practices regarding recruiting, developing, and retaining talent amidst today’s talent shortage, as well as how companies have leveraged their existing talent to implement and execute best-in-class supply chains solutions. 


technology and innovations
John Fitzgerald, Vice President Business Development, project44

The rate of innovation continues to accelerate in supply chain technology.  Great ideas are everywhere.  If you’re trying to make sense of it all, you’ll want to attend these sessions.  From common tools to ‘the next big thing’, we’ll explore ways to evaluate and exploit new and innovative technology for maximum advantage.  Topics will include implementation best practices, integration strategies, change management, and methods for evaluating the real-world impact on the company’s bottom line. 


transportation and logistics
Geoff Milsom, Vice President, enVista
Jon Mosher, Export Operations Lead, Bayer Crop Science 

At the heart of supply chain is the movement of goods and raw materials, by train, plane, truck, or ship. Explore the advances, challenges, and regulatory changes that affect the different modes of this integral part of supply chain. 


Rob Doyle, President, The Shippers Group 

This track will deliver on how collaboration at the warehousing level strengthens strategic partnerships and adds value to shippers and their supply chain partners. Experts representing shippers, 3PL warehouses, transportation providers, real estate brokers, contract packagers and ecommerce companies will focus on how to work together for outstanding customer service, operating efficiency, innovative technologies and KPI tracking that increase profitability.